Violence breaks out in New York, Minneapolis and Portland – Deadline

New York police made 22 arrests in Washington Square Park in Manhattan on Saturday night as authorities enforced a new 10 p.m. curfew at the iconic location.

The park in the heart of Greenwich Village has recently been overrun by homeless people and open drug trafficking. On Saturday, police in riot gear clashed with park visitors who defiantly stayed in the room after the curfew.

At least 22 people were arrested for unlawful gathering and violation of parking rules, police said. Five officers were injured.

A video posted on Twitter showed a police line trying to evacuate the park. When park visitors formed a human chain to resist, the police became physical.

In Portland, ongoing street fighting is heating up again, but judicial authorities are starting to pull back. More than two dozen suspected anti-fascist rioters have been charged in the past two weeks after months of capture and release treatment. On Thursday, Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office announced charges against 10 suspects after multiple grand jury indictments.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis had a third night of violence sparked by the shooting of a black man by US marshals. Burning rubble and falling rocks marked the third night in a town that was on the verge of being after the George Floyd Monument was dismantled by officials.

Protests erupt for a THIRD night in Minneapolis as BLM protesters block traffic after fatally shot and killed the 32-year-old wanted criminal who fired a gun at US marshals

– (@JackPosobiec) June 6, 2021

Police and people clashed at an illegal gathering in Washington Square Park, New York.

– Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) June 6, 2021

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