St. Paul is at the top of Minneapolis, which was named the second best park system in the country

St. Paul and Minneapolis have two of the best parking systems in the country, according to rankings by the nonprofit Trust for Public Land.

The annual ParkScore ranking was announced on Thursday. Washington DC took first place, knocking Minneapolis, number 1 from last year, to third place, while St. Paul climbed to second place.

The ranking takes into account access to the park, including residents of colors and low-income residents, park facilities, and investments in the city’s parking system.

Washington DC last took first place in 2019.

According to the ranking, 99% of St. Paul residents and 98% of Minneapolis residents have access to a park within 10 minutes’ walk. The national average was 75%.

The ranking also took into account how that number differs for certain groups for the first time this year.

In St. Paul, residents of predominantly colored residential areas have 30% less parking space than predominantly white residential areas. Low-income neighborhoods have 35% less access to the park than high-income neighborhoods.

And in Minneapolis, that inequality is even greater. Residents of neighborhoods that are predominantly colored have 58% less parking space, while low-income neighborhoods have 65% less parking space.

“Safe and accessible outdoor space is critical to creating livable and sustainable neighborhoods,” said Mike Hahm, director of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, in a statement.

“I am proud of the progress we have made on equity and access in Saint Paul, but it is important that we continue to invest strategically in areas that have historically been underserved or are experiencing rapid population growth to meet the needs of all children and to continue to satisfy families who call our city home. ”

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