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Are we already there?

No city escape here. With the resident population still rising in the city center and the metrics pointing to an increase in occupancy, seating, events and the general mood, mpls city council claims that summer 2021 will be a sweet homecoming for our favorite activities, hangouts and Downtown attractions will.

Take me (back) to the ball game

Main Street, Minnesota, celebrates its official warm-weather unveiling with new year-round social destinations, the city’s second largest collection of public art, sidewalk cafes, and lush greenery.

Living the high life: travel destinations

From a high-altitude hot tub to a “green” lobby, a crystal spa, to your first five-star stay, Minneapolis hotels are open and waiting for you to unpack, relax and see the sights up close. If you’re waiting for an invite, this is something you should consider.

From Boom Island to Mill Ruins: Stroll the downtown park chain

South Minneapolis may have the Chain of Lakes, but downtown is home to a network of parks that connect green spaces and landmarks across the city. This summer, stroll downtown’s nicest parks and discover where the grass is greener.

What’s going on in the city center?

A constellation of downtown projects has shown little sign of slowing down despite the shifts of last year – with billions of dollars invested in new buildings and a reconfiguration of some of our beloved fabled giants to improve the way we live and work , and game. Here’s a look at some of the places that are driving Minneapolis’ next wave of development.

The changing faces of the city center

From DC to the Philippines, from empty nests to young professionals, these Minneapolis residents embody the live, work-play ethos across generations and cultures. Ahead, their insider tips for food, drink, sights and delicacies.

Redefine the future of wellbeing in the workplace

When employers in downtown Minneapolis consider plans to return to the office, they consider how their teams have adapted to working remotely and what the next chapter in office culture will bring.

The hot list: patio fun in the city center

Minneapolis restaurants have grown for the occasion, offering gold standard dining experiences in rain or shine.

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June 7, 2021

10:20 a.m.

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