All restaurants that will be closed in Minneapolis and Saint Paul in 2021

While optimism is looming on the horizon and many restaurants that have been dark for so long are returning to busy dining rooms, there are some that haven’t reached the other side of the pandemic. Every year there are restaurants and bars that say goodbye; it is part of the natural life cycle of food. In 2021, which is likely to be remembered for vaccinations and returning to family and friends, it may be all the more bittersweet to say goodbye to beloved institutions like Liquor Lyle’s and the original Blue Door Pub. We will miss pizza evenings in the basement of Burch or steak dinners with the parents upstairs. The landscape of where and how we eat out continues to shift and change, and while we’re ready to reawaken the appearance of normalcy, it feels right to take a break and get to the eating and drinking places – and to third places – to remember the t back. Here are the biggest restaurant and bar closings so far this year.

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